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Public Relations

We live in an information society. Every day we hear hundreds of information. Our task is taking care about the brand image and an information policy for our customers. Caring for the good name of the company or product is our ultimate goal.

Mobile Games

Web games give great field for creative people. A good game needs to perfectly combine many aspects, such as graphics, music, interface and storyline.We do not forget about the purely technical aspects like efficiency and speed

Internet marketing

The Internet has become an indispensable element of the information society. 90% of our marketing is focused just on actions related to the Internet network. SEO, SEM and social media are main channels of our work.

Filmmaking & music compositions

We produce advertising films, product videos as well as short movies for its ongoing projects like games and other IT products. We also produce instructional videos for platforms like YouTube and compose music for it

Our Products

Google Search Console Audit

Google Search Console consultancy services

Roblox game development course

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