Google Search Console Audits

Google Search Console Consultancy services

If you are looking for professional Google Search Console Consultant – here is the right place.

We can offer you our top product – complete Search Console audit of your web-page.

Google Search Console consultancy services

What do you need to order Google Search Console Audit ?

First and most important thing that you need to do before any of this – is to install GSC on your page to enable collecting index data from Google.

If you haven’t installed this great tool from Google yet – you should do this as soon as possible – and here we tell you how to do it.

This service is crucial for your page optimization in the Google Search Engine and you could use to for many applications.

Main features includes:

  • error detection
  • mobile usability
  • XML Sitemap management
  • Google Crawl management
  • URL Submits
  • better understanding of Google Index
  • optimizations tips
  • organic search engine traffic analytics
  • audit & controlling of third-party SEO activities

You can use this service to get much more organic traffic and customer from the users of the Google Search site.

Google Search Console SEO services

How to add your site to Google Search Console ?

We assume you have a Google General account (for YouTube,Gmail,etc) . If you haven’t – you need to create it first at

Next, go to

and add your site using Domain prefix (the fastest way)


In next step you need to verify that site is yours. There are several methods for doing it:

  • by meta tag on your page – good if you have CMS based page like WordPress
  • by downloading file and uploading into your site – if you have direct access to your files using SCP/FTP protocol
  • by DNS record – if you have access to DNS zone of your site

However if you have problem with this step – just contact us – we can do it for free!

Last step is to share access with our Google Account – so we could access your site data and start our consultancy service.

How to use search console to get more traffic and better ranking in Google ?

Search Console is great but very advanced tool that could be confusing for non-SEO experts. However, since you install GSC on your page (by passing verification procedure described above) – all data is being collected and after few days or weeks you will have access to this set.

From this moment our professional team could help you to discover it’s full potential of your site and gain more using data provided by Google Search Console.

We offer complex SEO Consultancy services based on the Search Console content, data and insights.

What is the Google Search Console audit service?

With this service you basically receive a detailed report on the presence of your website in Google search engine.

Among other significant data, we analyze key phrases under which customers reach your website,  the position of competing companies, problems and inconsistencies on the site, general indexing efficiency, demographics of visitors and sources of visits, etc. All those data will be carefully examined and prepared by our SEO specialists.

After completing the site audit, which lasts about a month (assuming that your site previously had access to Google Search Console), you will receive a detailed report on the status of the site and a set of tips and recommendations to improve its position in Google.

With our expertise and simple tips – you will be able to significantly increase the total amount of visits on your page coming from the organic source (Google web search in general)

Google Search Console - how to interpret data - report

Which makes your Google Search Console audit service better than other SEO agencies

We use a proprietary, unique method of calculating the most promising phrases on which it is worth focusing future SEO activities.

We called it SEO Efficiency Factor

How SEO Efficiency Factor could help you boost your sales?

Our method is based on complex performance indicators that analyze the popularity of the phrase in relation to the competition and the current position of your website in the search results.

Thanks to SEO Efficiency Factor you will be able to find phrases and keywords which are relatively easy to optimize while ensuring the greatest absolute increase in the number of visits per unit of time.

Our factor is calculated for each keyword and site internal URL separately.

In turn, the results of the audit will present the best found phrases and URLs – sorted, descending according to our efficiency factor.

The main advantage of our scoring system is the optimal planning of SEO activities – we focus on those areas that will bring the greatest benefits in the near future – with a relatively small amount of work (cost)

How much cost this Google Search Console consultancy ?

The basic price for the complete audit and report is only 99 GBP

The service is provided by specialists from Machine Mind Ltd company registered in UK.

Of course you will receive an invoice for this service.

This is very low price for the great service and can give you great gain in your position in Google – without spending money for AdWords and other Adverts platforms.

How to order Google Search Console Audit ?

Please send e-mail with your site URL to address: