Portal for inventors

One of the main aspects of our company’s mission is to support initiatives that allow for the development and improvement of the world around us.

For this reason, we engage in philanthropic activities whenever possible.

We are honored to be the main sponsor of the project that creates a place for the exchange of technical ideas and concepts of inventions between engineers, visionaries and business.

We believe that such grassroots social initiatives will release the potential of young, talented artists, who often find it difficult to get to the “big world”.

Young people from different countries, mainly from smaller towns, have a problem with access to infrastructure, education and machine parks.

With our help in the development of the INVENIO project – a portal connecting young visionaries and inventions – we want to enable everyone to pursue their passions and, perhaps, influence the fate of the world.

The main page of the project for which we have become the title sponsor can be found at:


We would also like to inform you that one of our employees, Lukas Braxton, was seconded to work on the Invenio project. Your can read about it here.

As an experienced webmaster and PHP developer, he will help in the daily work of the portal editorial team.

Invent not invented – discover undiscovered

Main motto of Invenio project