What is the SEO and how it could help me ?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – is a process whose goal is to achieve the highest position in a website for organic search results. Organic traffic mean the visit by user that used free & public search engine like Google, Bing etc and his visit hasn’t been the result of advertisement click.

Traffic obtained as a result of SEO activities is free, and the effects depend on the systematic fulfillment of the operating conditions of the browser algorithm. In the case of Google, these are webmaster directives, which include reliable and unique content, structurally clean website code, correctly defined alt image attributes, as well as title or meta description tags.

In addition to adapting the site to the above requirements, you must ensure the quality and number of links to your site. Thanks to this, the website can gain a high position in search results. Both optimization and acquisition of incoming links should be done in pairs, because one without the other will bring only small results.

What is SEO Services and why I need SEO expert for this ?

Every day, millions of Internet users search for products and services through the Google search engine. Do you know how many of them could find your offer if you took care of its positioning?
Well, 60-70% of customers buying in online stores come to the site from Google. That’s right, nearly 3/4 of e-commerce revenue comes from a search engine. This is crucial information for your business, blog or any other activity that you do in the Internet.

In today’s World consumer market is very competitive in almost every sector and specialization and without an expert help and SEO consulting you won’t be able to rich the top of the result search.

Comprehensive SEO service – how to use synergy effect ?

What exactly is part of the SEO service that is provided to its clients by specialized companies in the field of Internet optimization?

Website positioning service is more than a one-off website review – audit, even in the extended variant combined with the preparation of optimization recommendations. The positioning performed by SEO specialists from Holik Studios begins with the audit of the website itself and the links. The information obtained during them becomes the basis for the preparation of a positioning strategy including elements such as:

  • optimization of the website, e.g. page response time, database optimization,
  • optimization of meta tags for keywords entered in the contract
  • designing pages for mobile devices – responsive web design (RWD) or separate mobile lightweight versions
  • preparation and implementation of unique, optimized on the website and the appropriate length of content
  • linking divided into stages and diversified in terms of type and source of links
  • HTTP redirection management – proper planning of page movement , 301, 302 redirects
  • page internationalization – designing page for multi language, multi currency, different locations.
  • improvements and changes suggested by Google Search Console.