About us

Holik studios is a multi-skilled team cross-company association that  deals with many matters from the world of E-commerce, Internet Marketing, SEO services, Media Production and Public Relations.

Our group has been founded as a result of hunger of creation with participation of some marketing demands.

We are a well-cooperating team carrying out large-scale projects.

Our goal to to consolidate variety of wide areas of activities connected with Internet, Entertainment, Music creation, Film-making and Software development.

We are ambitious, committed enthusiasts artists and professionals working together and creating wonderful things…

When time matters – Best at time-to-market  delivery

The HS team’s biggest advantage is our interdisciplinary and many years of experience in our own fields.

The team forming the Holik Studios media group is very harmonious and is able to implement projects from the very beginning, i.e. from the concept and initial assumptions through the implementation of the project, testsĀ  and delivery to the final customer in the shortest possible time.

We are able to provide you with best marketing services for reasonable prices. Our main advantages are:

  • We are not an established hierarchic company but a small one with a good product portfolio, and we can afford to provide services to the best possible customers.
  • We offer a large variety of products, with the most common ones we offer for the cost of one time investment, which makes it very affordable.
  • Our clients, in addition to the ones we offer, are well connected with other people of the business. We have a very good reputation in the industry and we are able to do our job in the most efficient way possible.
  • We are always happy to answer the needs of the media, whether the question is a technical or a technical related issue. The company website has a list of our clients, in which we list the questions, which are asked

Thanks to many years of cooperation, the team has developed its own methods of producing and implementing projects in a highly efficient manner, having one of the highest Time to Market.

All media & marketing needs in our well ultimate creativity team

The wide area of operation of the Holik Studios group includes, among others:

  • graphic concepts
  • storyboards
  • photography
  • preparing and composing original music
  • production of promotional videos
  • production of feature and documentary movies
  • sound recording and processing
  • 3D graphics computer animations
  • marketing activities in particular on the internet media market
  • comprehensive AdWords, Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook and social media campaigns
  • SEO and SEM website optimization activities.
  • consultancy and promotion consulting
  • planning sales strategy