Hardware store for youtubers

We are pleased to announce the establishment of cooperation with a newly created store containing the range necessary for creating video and audio production for the needs of the Internet for sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and so on.

Taplic 2020 – new shop with audio and video equipment

If you are planning to start or have recently started the career of a video producer for YouTube, we encourage you to visit the store’s offer where, in addition to equipment such as studio lighting, action cameras, digital cameras and audio recording equipment in this microphones, you will also find many tips for beginners and how to avoid many mistakes.
In particular, we recommend the guide – How to start a career on YouTube – for beginners

YouTube channel – a niche for creative people – how to start

Nowadays, many people decide to change or abandon a brought up profession and bring their business to the network, this applies to both music teacher trainers and dance drawing fitness instructors and so on.
All of them, due to the fact that they cannot physically contact clients, transfer their activities to the virtual network
For this reason, we believe that such a store is very much needed in the current situation associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our cooperation with the new store will concern, among others, the promotion on the Internet channels and consultation on the optimization of the store page in the Google search engine. Our google search console best consultants will constantly support new owners in the proper promotion of their products.

We aim to establish a direct link between our media services and the new shop, with a direct contact to all the customers to provide them with the right information to purchase the products.

At the same time we aim to provide the products of all the products of the new shop, and will help them to make better shopping decisions with their new orders. This process will continue until the old – stationary shop is closed.

At the same time, a direct link between the new shop and the old shop will be established between the old shop and customers who have already entered the old store and their purchases will take place in both stores. We will cooperate with the new shop and will also take care of the old store when the shop closes. We do not expect to receive any requests from the old shop. In all cases, we believe that this project will bring about great economic benefits, not only for the store but also for the customers.

Therefore, if you are looking for a partner to promote your own online store and consultancy in the field of internet marketing, please contact us.

We are happy to help to go on-line with your products!

We wish you success in business.