3D Modeling for Print in Blender

This course aims to provide beginners with the foundational knowledge and skills they need to create 3D models for printing using Blender, focusing specifically on object creation, manipulation, scaling, modifiers, and import-export to slicing programs. The course deliberately omits topics related to textures and rendering to remain focused on the core objective.

Are you ready to bring your imaginations to life? Join us in our online course on 3D modeling for print in Blender, an exciting journey that will equip you with the skills to create your own stunning 3D designs.

This course is designed with beginners in mind, so don’t worry if you have no prior experience. We will walk you through the basics of the Blender interface, and before you know it, you’ll be creating, manipulating, and fine-tuning your own objects.

You’ll master precision modeling for 3D printing, learning how to prepare your models for printing and import/export them for slicing programs. By the end of this course, you’ll not only have a deep understanding of 3D modeling, but you’ll also have a final project to showcase your new skills.

So, why wait? Embark on this creative adventure today. Unleash your creativity, learn a new skill, and open up a world of possibilities. It’s time to mold your future in 3D design. Join us now!

Let’s take this journey together. Your 3D modeling adventure awaits!

Module 1: Introduction to 3D Modeling in Blender

1.1 Course Introduction
1.2 Overview of 3D Printing
1.3 Installing and Setting Up Blender

Module 2: Basics of Blender Interface

2.1 Understanding User Interface
2.2 Navigating the 3D Viewport
2.3 Understanding 3D Coordinate System

Module 3: Object Creation and Manipulation

3.1 Creating Basic 3D Objects
3.2 Transforming Objects (Move, Rotate, Scale)
3.3 Using Different Types of Meshes

Module 4: Advanced Object Manipulation

4.1 Advanced Transformations
4.2 Understanding Pivot Points
4.3 Understanding Object Origin

Module 5: Modifiers and Deformations

5.1 Introduction to Modifiers
5.2 Commonly Used Modifiers for 3D Printing
5.3 Deformations and Its Applications

Module 6: Precision Modeling for 3D Printing

6.1 Modeling with Precision
6.2 Boolean Operations
6.3 Checking for Print Errors

Module 7: Preparing Model for 3D Printing

7.1 Understanding 3D Printing Constraints
7.2 Making a Hollow Model
7.3 Adding Supports

Module 8: Import and Export for Slicing Programs

8.1 Exporting Models for 3D Printing
8.2 Importing Models into Slicing Software (IdeaMaker, Cura)
8.3 Understanding Slicing Settings

Module 9: Final Project

9.1 Creating a Final 3D Model
9.2 Preparing the Model for Printing
9.3 Exporting and Slicing the Final Model

Module 10: Conclusion

10.1 Review of the Course